Week 1



Discord Setup

Please share your discord handle here (so I can add you to our embodied code group): https://canvas.unl.edu/courses/137391/quizzes/303637

Headset Login and Developer Account

We are roughly following this guide: https://embodiedcode.net/docs/getting-started.html, though facebook has just released the meta accounts.

We need to set up:

  1. Your own meta account or our shared account, Cohab-Lab. (see shared account info here on canvas)
  2. Enable developer mode (request a developer account, or have me send you an invite to my carson center group)
  3. Verify that you have enabled developer settings on the headset.

Install the APK

see directions here

  1. Install SideQuest on your computer. SideQuest is an application that lets you install applications that have not been registered with Oculus and checked for viruses. Only sideload applications from people that you trust, as this bypasses a lot of security.
  2. Download our APK file. (see shared account info here on canvas)
  3. Install APK using sidequest.

Get Started!

Make an Embodied Code Account

  1. Make an account for our app: http://app.embodiedcode.net/users/login

You will use this to log in within the app.

Launch the app

If you begin the tutorial, please take notes in your lab notebook (see Homework below).