Ian Ingram, Doctor Maggotty is Anxious about The End (2015)

Robot that uses the beak-wiping gesture of the Eurasian Magpie to relay messages to those around: to magpies that it is very well-fed yet nervous; to humans that know Morse code that it is in a state of constant mourning.


Using the Servo->Sweep example, and experimenting with Servo.write() and delay()s, create some kind of simple “animilistic” motion with your arduino. You should use one or both of your micro servos. You will need to attach some limbs, arms, other elements to your servo. Think about building a body and some appendages. This is a good chance to use the laser cutter. We are thinking quick and dirty, low-fidelity prototype. Focus on motion, and the ways that motion can be expressive, communicate. For an example, see Ian Ingram’s work (website).


  1. Canvas:
    • Arduino code as .zip file.
    • Photo of your circuit.
    • Video documenting your biomimicry in action.
    • (use the naming convention ex8_Lastname_1.zip, ex8_Lastname.jpg and _ex8_Lastname.mp4 for the files.)
  2. Sketchbook Updates:
    • add images of the scans, Rhino file, and STL file to your sketchbook.

DUE: 11/11/2021, 9PM. See Canvas.