Project 1: Hybrid Object


For this project you will make an object that is a combination of two (or more) things at once. This could be a literal hybrid of multiple objects (see Moreshin Allahyari’s Dark Metter), an online / offline object (existing both in digital form and physical form), or some individual direction you identify that hybridizes between two forms. See the references below for some examples. The concept is open-ended, but you will need to submit a written proposal for your project. (see proposal below)

For this project you will use the 3d design and fabrication techniques that we have covered in class so far, as appropriate to your concept:

We will critique these projects in three weeks, Week 10.


You will submit a two paragraph proposal for your idea addressing the following questions below. The first paragraph should describe how you are choosing to approach the hybrid object prompt and get us excited for the concept. The second paragraph will address the logistics of your project and how you will produce and document the result.

This written description will be submitted online to Canvas by Thursday October 7.


  1. Proposal:
    • written proposal to Canvas (10/7)
  2. Submission:
    • upload the following to Canvas (10/28)
    • Written Project Description (update your written proposal once you are done with the project, this is your project description)
    • Rhino Models (.3dm)
    • Printable file (.stl)
    • Documentation (photographs)
  3. Critique:
    • Present both your Object and your documentation for Critique. (10/28)


Each of these ideas below is one approach to a “hybrid” object.