Week 10 - Making Things Move

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Artist of the Day

Ian Ingram

Robot that uses the beak-wiping gesture of the Eurasian Magpie to relay messages to those around: to magpies that it is very well-fed yet nervous; to humans that know Morse code that it is in a state of constant mourning.

Designing around a part



Making Things Move You will create a simple servo plus arduino construction with a stationary base and a moving part. It could be a box that waves hello. Your stationary base should hold the servo (so measure the base of your servo). The moving component should attach to one of the servo attachments.

  1. Sketch to come up with an idea for base and moving part.
  2. Measure the servo and print a base that will mount it.
    • do test prints, as necessary, to check the fit.
  3. Measure the servo horn (attachment part) and print a part that matches.
    • again, do test prints as necessary to check the fit.
  4. Print your designs.
    • Iterate, if you need to.
  5. Program a behavior for your design (we will start this next Tuesday, so bring an ardino, power supply, and potentiometer)
  6. Document and demonstrate.


  1. Document your Rhino design with screenshots. Show perspective views of the object and it’s motion.
  2. Photograph your printed objects and final assembly.
  3. Add this documentation
  4. Upload to Canvas (due Monday Nov 7th): https://canvas.unl.edu/courses/137404/assignments/1364197

Office Hours

Wednesday 10/26, 3-5pm.



Artist of the Day 2

You all! (we are critiquing).